Steven Morales, Advisory Board Member  

​​Steve Morales is the founder and president of Mayaco Marketing & Internet. Established in 1994, Mayaco has provided clients with marketing and Internet solutions.
Mr. Morales is involved with a wide range of corporate marketing strategies & Internet projects.  Some of his executive management experience includes: Newspaper Associate Publisher, Marketing Director and Business manager, 

Assistant Advertising Manager for a multi-billion dollar company where he was in charge of all day-to-day advertising efforts and handled a $26 million dollar annual budget, Advertising / Marketing Director for several large regional and national companies, directed research to develop and launch line of new products for the supermarket industry and involved with launch of new store concepts. One of three individuals (companies) selected to present marketing & media seminars for selected countries in Europe on behalf of the U.S. State Department. Steve has been the national presenter for New Media conferences and online marketing. Mayaco works with numerous industries, government entities, and develops a variety of projects for clients such as Disneyland and Disney World along with many others.Mr. Morales has also been the recipient of numerous professional awards throughout his career.
Steve also has a long tradition in community involvement to include:
Vice-Chair of Community Board of Directors Community for Dignity Health/ St. Joseph’s Medical Center and Behavioral Health Hospital
Member Stockton Rotary Club
Coordinates "Blanket the City with Love" blanket collection for the homeless
Steering Committee member for Stockton Earth Day Festival
Former member of Steering Committee for annual Stockton Asparagus Festival that attracted 80,000+ people over 3 days.
Received 2010 "Amigo" of the year for volunteerism
Recognition as the "Volunteer of the Year" from the City of Stockton
Former Board or Directors member for nationally recognized Latino organizations, Stockton Arts Commission, and Stockton Sports Commission.
Assisted with Su Salud health fair for many years; providing healthcare services to 25,000 people in one day!
Volunteered weekly with the crisis line for Suicide Prevention & Crisis Line of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Greg Diebold, Board of Trustees 

Katharine Hensler-Neill, MHP, Managing Director

Katherine Locke, Founding Member  

Katie Ishoy is the owner of Bar Fly Productions, and producer of the company’s flagship feature film “Pyramid Highway.” Katie is a native of Glendale Arizona but grew up primarily in the central valley of California. She started acting on stage at the age of 15. She came to Reno in search of a new life in 2004, soon continuing her love of acting by working in several local commercials, print ads and as an extra in the feature film “El Cortez”. Her first passion may have been acting, but Katie soon found herself motivated to move behind the camera after reading the script for “Pyramid Highway”. In 2006 Katie founded her production company Bar Fly Productions in Sparks, NV. She worked vigorously for two years on the budget and other development and pre-production tasks for “Pyramid Highway” while simultaneously working two jobs and while volunteering on other local independent movie sets to gain more production experience. Since producing “Pyramid Highway,” Katie has also produced a promotional video for Volcanic Earth skin care after spending a year in the beautiful island country of Vanuatu in the South Pacific and also has a credit as Line Producer for the internet T.V. series Starfall. Other credits include: The Spy Who Fed Me – Film short, Extra, Boom Operator, Production Assistant, Archon Films,  A Special Day at the Park – Film short, Producer, Camera B Operator  Bar Fly Productions, High Sierra ATV – Promotional video, Producer, Camera B operator, Bar Fly Productions.

Katie is the niece of Robert Ishoy and decided to become involved due to a shared love of history as well as the arts. 

Robert Ishoy, Executive Director 

Robert Ishoy, Historian, Author of, Founder and Executive Director of the "Society
for Historical Exploration". Robert Ishoy is an internationally known historian with degrees is History (BA) from California Sate University, Fresno, Social Sciences (AA) from Merced College and
Intelligence Operations (AS) from Cochise College. His thesis on Atlantis was researched and written in 1987, published on his web site in 2001 and filmed in a documentary for National Geographic in 2016. In addition to Robert’s academic achievements he has also held important positions in the United States Military and worked as a government contractor for Military Intelligence. Robert also has had great success in the private sector as a security and safety professional.

When asked why he started the "Society for Historical Exploration" Robert’s reply was: “I wrote this thesis in 1987 at Fresno State and now in 2016 my work is featured on National Geographic. So after 29 years my dream has come true. But I want this to be the beginning of something much bigger rather than an end. I wanted to form the "Society for Historical Exploration" so that we can conduct research on ancient civilizations, historical events, legends and myths and use this research to promote a new renaissance of learning in the social sciences. A renaissance that will attract the younger generations and encourage critical thinking regarding politics, economics, religion and so many other important social issues. The modern world has made so many advances in science and technology but we are regressing when it comes to the social sciences and personal intellectual development. The Society for Historical Exploration is out to change that.”

Yaron Niski, International Member 

Director and co-producer of the National Geographic film "Search for Atlantis"

(Full bio pending)

Sandra Lakeman, Board of Trustees and Director of Research

Sandra Davis Lakeman is an Architect, Architectural Photographer and Author of Natural Light and the Italian Piazza and Sardegna, The Spirit of an Ancient Island, The Art and Architecture of the Pre-Nuragic and Nuragic Cultures, [ 6,000 - 238 B.C.E.] Both volumes were considered catalogues of exhibitions of the same titles that were held in the Palazzo Pubblico, Cortile del Podestà, sponsored by the Comune di Siena, Italy in 1992 and more recently in 2014 in the Giovanni Lilliu Conference center in Barumini, Sardinia, Italy. Fifteen years of professional work in Architectural offices in Marietta and Cincinnati, Ohio; New Haven, Connecticut; Boston, Massachusetts; and Portland, Oregon; and an MArch degree from University of Oregon gave her knowledge and experience to pass the weeklong exams to become a registered Architect in 1977. Teaching Architectural Design and Design Theory courses she became an Emeritus Professor of Architecture in 2006 upon completion of teaching 25 years at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California. Previous to that she taught for four years in a second-year design team at University of Arizona, Tucson as well as a 5 th year Design class and authored the Design Theory class, Spatial Cognition which became the Natural Light theory class at Cal Poly. Her photography has been shown and purchased in exhibitions in Siena, Italy; Portland, Oregon; San Luis Obispo, California; Montreal, Canada; and Barumini, Sardinia. During the 1980’s and 1990’s many six-projector lectures were given at such Architecture schools as Harvard Design School, USC and Cal Poly. At that time she had concentrated photographing urban spaces in a 360° panoramic captured in six images. Her work is now based on the Archaeological sites of Sardinia dated [6,000 – 238 B.C.E.] Most spring times are spent on Sardinia.

The formation of this new group has the potential for very insightful and intriguing research studies. At this time my own professional work has to do with the historic past of the magnificent island of Sardegna, the second largest in the Western Mediterranean Basin. Beginning with 1998, I have had ten trips to the island to capture images of all the archetypes of Art and Architecture of the Pre-Nuragic and Nuragic examples and they are represented in the new volume, Sardegna, the Spirit of an Ancient Island, The Art and Architecture of the Pre-Nuragic and Nuragic Cultures. In 2000, I received a grant from the Graham Foundation of Chicago for six months of intense work on the island and I signed a contract to publish with the top archaeologist there at that time, Prof. Giovanni Liliu. My academic curosity about the initial subject has raised my interest and I expect that other subjects attempted by the group will continue to engage me.

Professor Emeritus of Architecture
Registered Architect in the State of Oregon - 1977

Managing Director of the Society for Historic Exploration, an historian, anthropologist, and architectural preservationist living in the Seattle, WA area. Katharine comes on board with over 13 years of experience in the museum and preservation fields of collections, curatorial, development, and organizational management.
Born and raised in the tiny northeastern Pennsylvanian town of Jersey Shore, she grew up surrounded by early American heritage sites and their influence. She credits her parents and an “off the grid,” childhood for developing in her the keen interest and understanding of the field of history, people, and cultural awareness. The early years led to a lifetime of the pursuit of exploration and learning.
Katharine began her career as an art student, but left the department two semesters short of graduating due to “artistic constraints,” within the program that took the joy out of the creative, free-thinking awareness of an artist. She then made the transition to the history department, and there found her passion. Seeking adventure and travel, she was drawn to historical interpretation through clarity and uncovering the truth of our past.
With an undergraduate degree in History, she went on to earn an MA in Historic Preservation from Goucher College in Baltimore. Since entering the professional museum world, Katharine has held positions of curator of collections, collections manager, researcher, exhibit designer, and moved into her first Executive Director role in 2008. She currently holds the Executive Director position at the Harbor History Museum in Gig Harbor, WA.
In the midst of an active career “behind the scenes,” of the museum, Katharine recognized a strength in management, economics, fundraising, and non-profit management. She focused her Thesis, The Economy of Preservation, on the economics of historic preservation and the economic resiliency of the industry during recession in the American Southeast. Her intent was return to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in early European History with a focus on migration trends and cultural patterns and influence, until she met her husband Craig, an active duty army veteran (Military Intelligence), and they began their frequent moves from base to base, which isn’t accommodating to an intense research degree, but great to feed the need of exploration!
Katharine has worked for museums in Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, and Washington state. Besides history in general, she has developed a passion for genealogical research and studying Nordic heritage. She’s authored and co-authored various historical publications and articles, and spoken at several conferences on historic preservation, women’s history and African American heritage in PA and NC.

Jonathan Ishoy, Board of Trustees

Jonathan Ishoy is a licensed clinical Mental Health Counselor and adjunct instructor for Utah Valley
University. He has a master’s of science in professional counseling from Westminster College. Jonathan
also worked as a Special Education teacher and received his training in Special Education (K-12) from
Weber State University. His recent publications include: The Process of Ethical Consideration and
Decision Making in Professional Counseling (Westminster College, 2013) and Effects of Authority onMotivational Learning in College Students (UCUR, 2007).

I first met Robert Ishoy in 1985 while attending California State University Fresno. Our common interest was history. We loved to talk about it, take sides on issues, and debate various points of view. After a time we became roommates, started the History Club and graduated CSUF with BA's in History in 1987. I do recall the day I opened the door of our apartment walked in and saw Robert standing in the living room yelling with excitement "I have found it. The lost city of Atlantis......."      I currently live in the Great Central Valley of California where I have taught 7th grade history for the 25 years. I believe it is necessary and vital that we pass to succeeding generations the story of our past and would like to see the process of uncovering the remote past applied to the classroom. 

We have plenty of room for more people, so send in your membership request and how you would like to participate. 

Donations so far:  $1,850

Brett Allen, Advisory Board Member 

Brett Allen, Executive Producer and owner of the Official Best Of TV series. We do shows all across America by state that show what is the best in the given states we produce shows in. So far we have done 29 states and growing. We do half hour shows that show 10 or so give or take places to visit that are top rated including resorts, tours, attractions, etc,. I started this in 2007 but have been in television since 2002 and prior to that radio as an announcer since 1982 when I was 16. I have a studio in Hollywood but live here in Sierra Vista because unfortunately I inherited a house here. I would rather have my parents and still live in Tucson but life has it’s given paths. While I did live part time in LA while I was in Tucson, I now live full time here in SV as I have a good staff I can rely on out there and have no need or desire to live there anymore. I travel doing videography quite a bit as that is a love of mine and enjoy now using drones for beautiful aerial video and have 2 rescue chows I travel with. I’m single now and just turned 50 (what a joy) so making the most of life through my lens.
The reason I am involved in this is because I met Robert and we had some great discussions that led me to become involved in searching for more of the history of our existence and what went into the endeavor. I have always been interested in history and this seems like a great fit. I am looking forward to sharing my experience in media as well as knowledge of history. I look forward to meeting and exploring with everyone involved.