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​“I formed "The Society for Historical Exploration" so that we could conduct research on ancient civilizations, historical events, legends and myths and use this research to promote a new renaissance of learning in the social sciences. A renaissance that will attract the younger generations and encourage critical thinking regarding politics, economics, religion and so many other important social issues. The modern world has made so many advances in science and technology but we are regressing when it comes to the social sciences and personal intellectual development. The Society for Historical Exploration is out to change that.”  

Mission & Vision

To bring about a renaissance of learning in the social sciences by bringing history to life through research and exploration enriched with multiple media productions. 

Robert Ishoy

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Research conducted with the highest scholarly standards without the restrictions an academic institution.    

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Current Projects

The History of Atlantis 

Our Team

Jonathan Ishoy

Executive Director

Greg Diebold

We explore history to learn more about the world today.

Donations so far:  $1,850

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